Proud to support Paige Hareb towards her quest to the 2020 Olympics.

Location Homes’ sponsorship of Paige Hareb’s surfing career is a good fit for the company, says its managing director Campbell Mattson. ‘‘Many of us at Location Homes surf or have surfed,’’ he explains. ‘‘We have followed Paige’s career since the first women’s world championship event was held here. ‘‘We were pretty impressed with her and how she went about things. She is absolutely dedicated to her sport and all that it takes to maintain her physical level of performance and continue to rise back up to the top tier of world surfing.’’ Planning the Shearer Drive house with her was the catalyst for the company, Campbell says. ‘‘When it came to building, that coincided with us looking for a local talent to support … someone with potential to rise up on the world stage and align with our brand and core values.’’ That also extends to Location Homes’ other franchises in the Far North, Mangawhai and Rodeny. ‘‘They are all very strong coastal areas, particularly the Far North and Mangawhai, and sponsoring Paige relates to them and their markets.

‘‘Paige is very, very humble and very understated . . . a good, downto-earth Kiwi girl. She showsincredible integrity to her sponsors and her supporters, and that fitted our company very well and we are excited at the opportunity to sponsor her.

‘‘Our aim is to support her into the top tier of women’s competition and all the way through to hopefully qualifying and competing at the 2020 Olympics.’’

Location Homes is busy with a large number of client projects, but is also now planning for its next show home within The Links, he adds. ‘‘We have just added two more people to our team – Lew Sarten, another full-time designer, and Hayley Beekman as a project assistant.’’ That brings the city team numbers up to nine. The active building sector is likely to prompt more growth next year,Campbell says, with expansion of the Location Homes brand into other North Island regions.


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