When a building project comes together and the construction draws to a close, too often we don’t take the time to stop and celebrate what we have designed, created and crafted into a stylish piece of architecture. Recently we sold the third and final Precinct Apartment; a three level, three bedroom new home situated in the growing west end of New Plymouth’s CBD. When the builders and sub trades finalized their part of the building project, what we were left with was something truly special and a home we simply had to celebrate with all involved. We gathered together one sunny evening and enjoyed good food, a good yarn and most importantly a great building!

Precinct build opening4-01   Precinct build opening3-01-01   Precinct build opening2-01   Precinct build opening5-01-01   Precinct build opening6-01-01Precinct build opening  Precinct build opening7-01-01-01